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released March 18, 2013

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by. Ammbush for Drums and Ammo
Additional Vocals by. Emily Ritz
Bass, Rhodes, Rock Guitar by. Rob Mandell.
Synth & Guitar by. Scissorman of Modern Future, Oakland, CA
Mixed By. Ammbush at The NESTT, Oakland, CA

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Will Bracy
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA

"30,000 FEET"
Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Ammbush for Drums and Ammo
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Mike Smith “Mksmth (BMI - Smith Michael Devin )
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA

"GAME FACE (In The Streets)"
Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Ammbush for Drums and Ammo
Bass by Ted "Blyss" Gould
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Will Bracy
Additional Percussion by. O. Akintunde
Piano & Guitar by. Sep Valizedah
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA

"All Tracks Mastered By. AL JieH"



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The MastrS
"We are the Architects of our Destiny"

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Track Name: SEASONS feat. Emily Ritz
"Verse (SyaR)"
Birthed in the grind / first in my line to leave that street life behind be like that diamond in rough times surviving switch that striving / flipped our philosophy like Origami see..."(We're unfolding all the years)" / Living Miracles born miserable conditioned ta fail still...pinnacle / we're anomalies leading societies / they wont confess "uh-uh"...ironically / we gone progress despite duress / we face on the regular unjustifiably / its enlightening through the tears sweat and fears / we stand obelisk on point to omega ain't nothing ever stopping our push / ya'll bear to witness...

We're unfolding all the years and now our season is here
We're unfolding through the tears and now our season is here...

"Verse (Bankh)"
Taking the time out, to figure the mind route / Who knew that we get it in pumping through the heart valves / Decisions that we make, Visions at stake / Never questioning what we come to bring ain't Parkay okay / Blazing through the dark type days / with a lantern and a hammer busting nails as we pray forgiveness / Entering the gates of deliverance in arrival of my idol and the image of my difference I am here / Moving through the light with no fear / blessed the God / head to the heaven with the stars and the flaws and the scars / One behind bars lift it up / this that soul clap get it up / Eye's on the prize we High we off love / Angels telling me (We) Never give up / on the grind intertwined with the soul up in these cuts / Ammbush the whole scenery, throw the M's up like "Ra"...(MastrS)

"Verse 1 (Bankh)"
On my lap where you rest, heart beating out my chest / Pulsating, Soul shaping you the reason I invest in good health / Swing wood, every second in the clutch, understood / Move together any weather, Out the hood / Here we go, life style of royalty is what we seemed to aim before / now we living it, honoring sacred indigo / where our dreams are reality realizing what we know / mother earth, universe blessed you with the tones / Apparently the topic of the conversation in these poems / Re-Writing Enlightening seeing the future form right before my eye's / Black - Black Venus Enterprise you are / Flying through my world shooting star / Blowing kisses making wishes no ceiling we taking pictures / panoramic view / Hard work living proof we made it / god bless a union so sacred...

Black Venus hair flows Ocean waves Sparkle in your eyes open Milky way...

"Verse 2 (SyaR)"
She had golden dome, Notre Dame / you knew her , you know the dame / moves fluid smoldering Lava / daughter of goddess Pele' mayday I'm going in, shouldering all her hopes, wishes desires, so delicious inside, deep diving Poseidon nah...Yemaya Nut didn't speak Greek Sweets emote musical fine tuned flute / voice so unusual, her mermaid song left me square / Cubicle Who'd a knew she be there through & through my dreams / dance smooth, Josephine baker - tasting dew drops of her pearl / Black Venus worlds between us will unfurl / In fact we was pacted before enacting this the meanest and my love is insatiable / Now let me take you to a place where only angels Go...

Track Name: 30,000 FEET
30,000 feet Up / Green in my cup / Feeling real alive & Inside lady luck / Tell you what it is "huh" / let me show you how we live "huh" (2X)

"Verse (Bankh)"
Levitation situation / HIGH flying clocking mileage / Got my flops on head back / Hash oil non scent / making moves to the cash, they be wilding "Mosh pits"/ Party where The MastrS at, Royalty we garnishing / "Green in my cup" I am a star child so I need to chi up "Up" / Tell them when we touchdown, we must re-up "Up" / Fill it in my veins, got that Oxygen "Oxygen" / Straight to the brain / fresh off the plane, another show another city embrace Life / purpose of walk rip Mic / Deuces to these haters the ladies can stay the night, Fade to black / In the ozone where we at...


"Verse (SyaR)
Satellite HIGH off that fruit juice and lime / Chlorophyllion if its green I'll oblige / found outer bounds now officiating game / scribing red eye "geek geek" Gamma rayed / hulkin up generation Z's swagga play / indeed give praise ten thousand sober days / toasts in Aruba...see a holiday / hold up rang / It's that sweet wholesome thing / calling me scuba I knew how to maneuver it deep / secluded in the region retreat in the Philippines on the scene for some slight late night meandering / Life of a king moonlight off her navel ring / massage on a island in her inner sanctum / paid homage to the goddess as I parted thanks hon / she acknowledged with a nod / "safe journey to you SyaR"/ honor was mine as I rise...

"Verse 1 (SyaR)"
Hopped out the Hot Box / In Her Hot Box / To the Hot Box / To drop hot bars...What the blood cleed / My man Bankh blow that I-deye mean / I sip that green 40, call it Laser beam...dipped in finer things, though I refuse to have some dudes name upon my Linens seen / I embody change - See the Sigels! Floating above my head like that Halo - you pray to Or the peso you pray for / Jesus or Grey Goose they used for the same use / Escaping the plain truth / But I give it to you naked / All you voyeurs learn to take it - I fuck it up, choke a joker "asthma" / claiming he's asphalt, get his ass flogged - slave ni**a* going nowhere without his chains swinging or miss Polly-Anne with him - "Probably ain't hit him - the end of his reigns near" - cause his swagger wasn't real "SyaR" / Probably ain't hit him / The end of his fame's near "cause he facing something real"…

Entering Arena - Ozone Layer Off...
Celestial Demeanor - Ozone Layer Off...
Meet us in the Ethers - Ozone Layer Off...(Repeat 4X)

"Verse 2 (Bankh)"
Words, Similes, Caterpillars, centipedes / Crawling over Portals, Immortals they never envy We / sit on top of mountain encountering gentle breeze / Higher heavens - What we ought to bring / Hibernation - Standing ovation pendulum swing / run things like we sit on thrown, King / "Watch" - Vernacular through the optics as we Island hopping / Dear any ni**a try to stop it "Oh oh Stop it"/ Seasoned on the bars equal profit / Silence all debating, wholesome situation as we sit hear congregating / we just talking you was hating, now we walking you deflating, catching contact "patience" / Slow it down, Gravitating in a higher realm / God being in the Flesh Now / bring that serum to your chest boy back down / Masterfully Aligned shine bright / "We come now"...

Track Name: GAME FACE (In The Streets)
"Verse (Bankh)"
Looking ugly like the situation funny / ain't nobody laughing Man they out here getting Money / stacking gouda face level pushing bunnies Nickel plated on the metal / cocked back watch it settle / flower for the mourners, moment of silence / beast is alive and its rising / red summer choppers Screaming salutations on the evening / Little Susie got her body cheeks peeking, Low self esteem Wreaking / smell it from a far...In these streets, Ni**as dying for them foreign car sitting on them Duncan 26'S temper red star / till the next feel his place to pull your card / guess you call that black on black we just / "playing our part" systematic form of habit concrete level classic / ghetto passion, if your asking...we ain't selling / "Bumba-clot wolf ticket seen" / represent that 42 - clone type rebellion...

(Out In the Streets) working hard for that money
(Out In the Streets) Study Law staying hungry
(Out In the Streets) If its On...then its on...then it on - Ain't a damn thing funny...(2X)

"Verse (SyaR)"
"Seen" We got warriors subterrain / training samurai ways impervious to pain wit / urban issued thangs to / pierce the shell of the swine then discard like quran say refrain a / fine piece of artistry body built armory / mandinka think a Einstein and Imhotep / modify your consciousness gifted with genetics of gods greeks themselves admit it in awe / gloss boulevards glow effervescent stars aligning lessons of spiritual law / no need for policing we beastin in every form / mastrs move matter (hess) aura is strong...teachin young decodin ancient artifacts / walkin almanacs on coco water hold the cognac / they yanking straps we excavating the traps / recalibrating they thinking now how alien is dat...?

I accentuate divine breath beyond physical prophetical visuals educated guesses...yes...the pinnacle of gift cats chasing promissory notes making in their cash crop buried in asphalt lost the jackpot fuck the commentary I'm filling commissaries for me to enter this realms...Honorary...

"Verse (Syar)"
Your thoughts been locked down block cells activated and sparked pow / stay illumined like Rothschild no affiliation halt now nonsense abbreviated / my super sub-conscious conquers the darkest hours among us its the melanin kiss turning hoes to queens / foes to fiends now uphold a king its / unseen appendages changing villagers shaming spirit plainly obscene / as a walk through the valley of false hopes pillaging popes disfiguring ghosts raised by most high / I like harriet never lost a passenger / my chariot carries the passages spanning galacticas data savages never fathomed could manifest...

We Shine Bright / we go hard introduce you Asar / (We) played the cards (We) paid the cost / AnR they love us warrior among us / appetite is that hunger / Pockets is on the come up / Supply the game with Light Master Number / Who you think we under / We on top of this Lochness your honor I'm God's Gift

"Verse (Bankh)"

Ungh...I am the man out of the sound and / Blow clouds make it rain like a fountain / Pound for Pound / ducking these clowns lightning...exciting, MastrS show / Fucks with it though, I got that green glow / I am a mean flow "I mean I mean though" / Who you speaking for, i am determined gold / Shine Bright Smother the Light, Leave me Alone / Get your geeking on, Study hard like a Nerd till I seat the throne / On the battle field my mind is a lethal zone / Try to tell 'em in disguise but to each his own / they tried to tell you in them lies but I speak to god / Dark being in the light is what my features are / Kamikaze on the mic when i see them stars / We the reasons we alive i assume a God Ra...