30​,​000 FEET

from by The MASTRS

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30,000 feet Up / Green in my cup / Feeling real alive & Inside lady luck / Tell you what it is "huh" / let me show you how we live "huh" (2X)

"Verse (Bankh)"
Levitation situation / HIGH flying clocking mileage / Got my flops on head back / Hash oil non scent / making moves to the cash, they be wilding "Mosh pits"/ Party where The MastrS at, Royalty we garnishing / "Green in my cup" I am a star child so I need to chi up "Up" / Tell them when we touchdown, we must re-up "Up" / Fill it in my veins, got that Oxygen "Oxygen" / Straight to the brain / fresh off the plane, another show another city embrace Life / purpose of walk rip Mic / Deuces to these haters the ladies can stay the night, Fade to black / In the ozone where we at...


"Verse (SyaR)
Satellite HIGH off that fruit juice and lime / Chlorophyllion if its green I'll oblige / found outer bounds now officiating game / scribing red eye "geek geek" Gamma rayed / hulkin up generation Z's swagga play / indeed give praise ten thousand sober days / toasts in Aruba...see a holiday / hold up wait...phone rang / It's that sweet wholesome thing / calling me scuba I knew how to maneuver it deep / secluded in the region retreat in the Philippines on the scene for some slight late night meandering / Life of a king moonlight off her navel ring / massage on a island in her inner sanctum / paid homage to the goddess as I parted thanks hon / she acknowledged with a nod / "safe journey to you SyaR"/ honor was mine as I rise...



from Green EP, released March 18, 2013
"30,000 FEET"

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Ammbush for Drums and Ammo
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA
Mastered By. AL JieH



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The MastrS
"We are the Architects of our Destiny"

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