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"Verse 1 (Bankh)"
On my lap where you rest, heart beating out my chest / Pulsating, Soul shaping you the reason I invest in good health / Swing wood, every second in the clutch, understood / Move together any weather, Out the hood / Here we go, life style of royalty is what we seemed to aim before / now we living it, honoring sacred indigo / where our dreams are reality realizing what we know / mother earth, universe blessed you with the tones / Apparently the topic of the conversation in these poems / Re-Writing Enlightening seeing the future form right before my eye's / Black - Black Venus Enterprise you are / Flying through my world shooting star / Blowing kisses making wishes no ceiling we taking pictures / panoramic view / Hard work living proof we made it / god bless a union so sacred...

Black Venus hair flows Ocean waves Sparkle in your eyes open Milky way...

"Verse 2 (SyaR)"
She had golden dome, Notre Dame / you knew her , you know the dame / moves fluid smoldering Lava / daughter of goddess Pele' mayday I'm going in, shouldering all her hopes, wishes desires, so delicious inside, deep diving Poseidon nah...Yemaya Nut didn't speak Greek Sweets emote musical fine tuned flute / voice so unusual, her mermaid song left me square / Cubicle Who'd a knew she be there through & through my dreams / dance smooth, Josephine baker - tasting dew drops of her pearl / Black Venus worlds between us will unfurl / In fact we was pacted before enacting this the meanest and my love is insatiable / Now let me take you to a place where only angels Go...



from Green EP, released March 18, 2013

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Will Bracy
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA
Mastered By. AL JieH



all rights reserved



The MastrS
"We are the Architects of our Destiny"

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