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"Verse 1 (SyaR)"
Hopped out the Hot Box / In Her Hot Box / To the Hot Box / To drop hot bars...What the blood cleed / My man Bankh blow that I-deye mean / I sip that green 40, call it Laser beam...dipped in finer things, though I refuse to have some dudes name upon my Linens seen / I embody change - See the Sigels! Floating above my head like that Halo - you pray to Or the peso you pray for / Jesus or Grey Goose they used for the same use / Escaping the plain truth / But I give it to you naked / All you voyeurs learn to take it - I fuck it up, choke a joker "asthma" / claiming he's asphalt, get his ass flogged - slave ni**a* going nowhere without his chains swinging or miss Polly-Anne with him - "Probably ain't hit him - the end of his reigns near" - cause his swagger wasn't real "SyaR" / Probably ain't hit him / The end of his fame's near "cause he facing something real"…

Entering Arena - Ozone Layer Off...
Celestial Demeanor - Ozone Layer Off...
Meet us in the Ethers - Ozone Layer Off...(Repeat 4X)

"Verse 2 (Bankh)"
Words, Similes, Caterpillars, centipedes / Crawling over Portals, Immortals they never envy We / sit on top of mountain encountering gentle breeze / Higher heavens - What we ought to bring / Hibernation - Standing ovation pendulum swing / run things like we sit on thrown, King / "Watch" - Vernacular through the optics as we Island hopping / Dear any ni**a try to stop it "Oh oh Stop it"/ Seasoned on the bars equal profit / Silence all debating, wholesome situation as we sit hear congregating / we just talking you was hating, now we walking you deflating, catching contact "patience" / Slow it down, Gravitating in a higher realm / God being in the Flesh Now / bring that serum to your chest boy back down / Masterfully Aligned shine bright / "We come now"...



from Green EP, released March 18, 2013

Written By. O. Akintunde, R. Sekhem (Musicoup D’etat, Ascap Music)
Produced by Mike Smith “Mksmth (BMI - Smith Michael Devin )
Mixed By. Chrismixx, Magic City Studios, Oakland, CA
Mastered By. AL JieH



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The MastrS
"We are the Architects of our Destiny"

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